Grant Sarver June 17, 2020

As the world continues to figure how to live a normal life during a pandemic, online communication platforms have become much more popular. People have been utilizing Zoom, Skype, Slack, and others at unprecedented levels to keep in touch personally and professionally. Local, state, and the federal government have also been using these platforms to […]

Jessica Davis August 6, 2020

            It’s hard to imagine that just six months ago, life in the United States looked completely different than it does today. People were gathering in groups of more than ten , Lysol and hand sanitizer were still in stock, and a mask wasn’t the first thing you grabbed for a day outside. Instead of the […]

Grant Sarver July 30, 2020

The CEOs of four Big Tech companies—Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook—were grilled by House lawmakers yesterday. Democrats slammed the companies for monopoly power and Republicans alleged anti-conservative bias against them. There’s no doubt the technology industry is awash with money in the Information Age. The question is: Are companies benefitting fairly from it? Big Tech […]

Grant Sarver July 28, 2020

Many provisions legislated by the CARES Act expire this week. Stimulus and relief measures were passed at the beginning of the pandemic in March. The severity of the pandemic in the United States was not expected to last this long, so legislators are gathering in Washington this week to discuss another stimulus package.  Up for […]

Grant Sarver July 23, 2020

Revamping the nation’s crumbling infrastructure has been a topic of concern for a while now. Presidential candidates and the president himself have promised investment in infrastructure projects not seen since the Eisenhower administration. The collapse of Michigan’s Edenville Dam in May was a stark reminder of the serious threat that negligence of the issue poses. […]

Jessica Davis July 23, 2020

It’s hard to imagine that just five months ago, America was a country without a single reported case of COVID-19. Restaurants, hair salons, and schools were still open full of people without masks and less than six feet apart. Now, as we reach the middle of 2020, our country has almost four million confirmed cases […]

Jessica Davis July 23, 2020

            The year 2020 marked the beginning of a new decade with a host of possibilities for the advancement of technology and innovation in next ten years. In terms of procurement, this year has defined types of contracts governments need, how governments request proposals for bids, and the process for awarding contracts. This year has ushered […]

Jessica Davis July 23, 2020

The United Nations has taken up the mantle to fight the novel coronavirus head on. They have executed drastic policy changes and public health initiatives. COVID-19 has impacted over 190 countries. The UN is looking for innovative ways to address the hunger, economic recessions, and poverty caused by the coronavirus.  In January of this year, […]

Grant Sarver July 22, 2020

If you’ve forgotten, summer also means it’s hurricane season. Recent headlines have overshadowed this year’s record-breaking season. Tropical Storm Gonzalo is the earliest “G” storm to form and the Washington Post says, “this year has already featured the earliest C, E and F storms on record — Cristobal, Edouard and Fay.” However, Gonzalo is expected […]

Grant Sarver July 21, 2020

The allure of big cities with dense urban cores and vast transportation systems has been fading recently according to a survey released by the Site Selectors Guild. Corporations and residents alike are flocking to mid-sized cities and suburbs. Net migration to these areas has been 200% higher than big cities since 2014, Lidia Dinkova says […]

Max Simpson July 21, 2020

This November, election officials nationwide will be tasked with making in-person voting safe and accessible amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. The push to convert stadiums, arenas, and other large venues into makeshift voting locations has gained lots of ground in the recent weeks. On June 29th, the Atlanta Hawks announced that home court State Farm Arena […]