Grant Sarver

Grant Sarver July 8, 2020

For some children across the country, mid-July symbolizes the beginning of the end of summer break. However, still in the midst of a pandemic, families wonder what the new school year will look like. Today, New York City, the largest school district in the country, announced that it would not fully reopen schools in the […]

Grant Sarver July 7, 2020

Hope has faded for the pandemic not ruining our summer and fall plans. The recent surge in new COVID-19 cases is the largest breakout yet. There was hope that the pandemic might have been under control by June, but that prospect was thwarted when states began reopening in late April.   Summer in the year […]

Grant Sarver July 6, 2020

The Fourth of July weekend saw yet another flare up of gun violence. Senseless killings occurred in Chicago, where at least 72 people were shot, and in Atlanta, where over a dozen people were shot. Around 15 people died including a seven-year-old in Chicago and an eight-year-old in Atlanta.   MORE WAYS TO END GUN […]

Grant Sarver July 2, 2020

Though our society has been reliant on the Internet for some time now, its use is imperative now. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to meet, order, and hangout all online. It seems as though our entire lives are spent in front of a screen now. The government is no exception with its vast online […]

Grant Sarver July 1, 2020

Just when it looked like the pandemic was maybe getting under control, new cases have spiked in the American South and West. Yesterday saw record setting one-day numbers in states like Georgia, Arizona, and Texas. The United States as a whole also saw a record day of new cases, according to the New York Times. […]

Grant Sarver June 30, 2020

With humans mostly kept indoors because of COVID-19, animals have begun to move into unoccupied spaces. Less humans around means that they are free to invade areas that were not hospitable to them before the pandemic began. In recent weeks, an increasing number of Great White Sharks have been spotting off the coast of Cape […]

Grant Sarver June 30, 2020

The Mississippi State Legislature passed a law on Sunday that will remove the Confederate Battle Flag from its state flag. The legislation comes after increasing racial tensions in the country and pressure from groups like the Southeastern Conference and the NCAA. The law sets up a commission to design a new flag for the state […]

Grant Sarver June 25, 2020

It’s an understatement to say that COVID-19 has greatly affected our lives. Millions have lost their jobs and over 120,000 have died in the United States. As life in the midst of a pandemic becomes increasingly normal, people are finding ways to diminish the risk of working together. Construction, however, hasn’t experienced the same kind […]

Grant Sarver June 23, 2020

The recent Black Lives Matter protests have highlighted systemic racial injustice that exists in the United States. As a result, government relations with prisons have been under increased scrutinization. Governments, state and local, have a history of leasing out their prisoners to other government departments and private institutions for an extremely low pay. Tasks for […]

Grant Sarver June 18, 2020

The influx of COVID-19 data can be a bit overwhelming. Trying to interpret multiple charts and graphs and truly understanding what they mean can seem impossible. On top of that, different sources have different numbers. What gives? The truth is that different sources use different data and calculate and display their numbers differently. The New […]