Grant Sarver August 17, 2020

The Democratic National Convention kicks off today “in Milwaukee.” The convention is being held only in name in Wisconsin because it will be entirely online. The pandemic has now been raging on for 5 months in the United States with an average of over 50,000 new cases a day. Speeches and the nomination process will be held through online platforms like Zoom and Slack which we’ve all become very familiar with these past months.


As such, governments are constantly searching for ways to improve their virtual presence and communication. Investments in better technology are expected because it seems as though the virus is not going anywhere anytime soon, and there’s nothing more frustrating than a lagging Zoom call with bad audio.

Education providers will be taking an online approach this semester. The Virginia Community College System is requesting proposals to provide, “a vendor-hosted web-based self-learning (eLearning) platform.” It must be an established platform that meets their requirements and does not need additional developments including support for a Single Sign On and design for optimal viewing on mobile devices. Bids for this opportunity are due September 15.


The City of San Jose, California, is looking for a vendor to consult the city to provide engineering services to create a wireless Wi-Fi network in different locations of the city. They will request consultant services on a service order basis with more information about individual projects in detailed service orders. This contract is funded by a Community Development Block Grant and could be worth up to $3,000,000. Bids are due August 28.

The Democratic Convention could benefit from speedy WiFi and extensive user-friendly online communication platforms. That could even be something to add to future infrastructure bills. Good internet access is imperative now more than ever, and government contracting is one way to help the country stay alone, together. 

About the Author

Grant Sarver is from Suwanee, Georgia. He is currently an undergraduate pursuing Bachelor’s degrees in International Affairs and Sociology at the University of Georgia with an expected graduation in December 2020. He is most interested in human rights and social equity and plans to work for an entity that helps fulfill people’s human rights.