GovReporter November 15, 2018
Safety Equipment

Miami Dade government plans to open a Request to Qualify for a prequalified pool of vendors that will be used to solicit Fire Rescue Equipment in the coming weeks.

The pool will be established on the first calendar day of the month once approved by the Board of County Commissioners. The term of the pool is ninety-six months.

Vendors in the pool will be invited to participate in spot market competitions. Products sought include the following:

1. Chemical Booster Hoses
2. Fire Hoses and Parts
3. Hose Fittings and Tools
4. Nozzles and Appliances
5. Test Gauges and Specialty Nozzles.
6. Appliance Adapters.
7. Electric Equipment.
8. Overhaul and Entry Tools
9. Portable Hand Lights
10. Ladders
11. Positive Pressure Ventilation Blowers
12. Saws and Accessories
13. Equipment Mounting Brackets
14. Extrication and Rescue Equipment
15. Generator/Lights
16. Chain Saws and Accessories
17. Electric Smoke Ejectors
18. Fire Fighting Foam
19. CMC Rescue Equipment
20. Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus and Supplies
21. Radios and Alerting Systems Equipment and Batteries
22. Operating Safety and Training Equipment
23. Chemicals Storage and Transport Equipment
24. Hydraulic and Expandable Tools

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