GovReporter March 12, 2018

Gabrielli Truck Sales LTD tops New York City’s contract awards in the last 30 days. The company’s $19.3 million award for TruckHeavy Duty 4×4 Spreader / 3.5 C.Y. Dump Body ended on January 14 2018.

The list of New York City’s contract awards also included bids for liquid asphalt, Douglas Fir bench slats, canine food, pedestrian image detection systems, electric motors, office supplies, marine generators and other items. The awarded contracts ranged from Gabrielli Truck Sales‘ $19.3 million bid to an $86, 220 bid to provide canine food for New York City’s Police Department by Finesse Creations.

You can view all the New York City’s contract awards at this link.

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