Grant Sarver September 3, 2020

Hurricanes, pandemics, and protests can do a lot to already low public morale if there is anything 2020 has taught us. Louisiana and Texas need to rebuild after Hurricane Laura made landfall with 150mph winds and took out homes and electrical grids. Isolation has undoubtedly been terrible for peoples’ mental health and exacerbated existing mental illnesses. It’s time we take care of our communities and ourselves. Luckily, government contracting is a way to make a difference and help us help each other.

Brookfield, Connecticut, is seeking proposals for processing debris removal for FEMA and non-FEMA claims. The town has current estimates of up to 7,500 cubic yards of brush grinding and 1,500 log processing and grinding. The contract will last until August 2021 with an option to extend. Work after the initial debris removal is not guaranteed and the contract will be initiated on an “as-needed” basis. Bids for this opportunity are due September 10.


Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland is seeking mental health professionals for its schools. “Goals for the school-based mental health services are: 1) to provide programs that address early intervention and prevention services for students and families in need, and 2) to increase access to ongoing mental health services for MCPS students and families in a non-stigmatizing environment.” Bids for this opportunity are due September 21.


This year has been a hard one. That much we can all agree on. It is never too late to begin helping each other safely. Homes need to be rebuilt, communities need to be cleaned, and people need to be taken care of. Consider how your business can give to your local community.

About the Author

Grant Sarver is from Suwanee, Georgia. He is currently an undergraduate pursuing Bachelor’s degrees in International Affairs and Sociology at the University of Georgia with an expected graduation in December 2020. He is most interested in human rights and social equity and plans to work for an entity that helps fulfill people’s human rights.