Grant Sarver October 27, 2020

Justice Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed and sworn in to the U.S. Supreme Court last night. The Senate voted along party lines to make her the sixth conservative-leaning justice on the bench. She joins the most powerful court in the land a week before Election Day 2020. The winner of this election could put forth consequential legislation that the Court will also have to approve of.

Legal work forms the basis of our government as the judicial branch upholds or strikes down laws passed by legislators which legitimizes them. The countless local, county, state, and federal laws can seem impossible to navigate, so governments will often contract out legal work for help.

The Board of Education of St. Louis, Missouri, is requesting proposals from qualified law firms and individuals for Bond Counsel and Tax Compliance services. The contract is on an as-needed basis and includes work like monitoring compliance with SEC and MSRB regulations, supporting matters relating to the financing or investment of project funds from outstanding bonds, and providing arbitrage rebate services. Bids for this contract for FY 2021/2022 are due December 2.


The City of Forest Acres, South Carolina, is requesting bids from qualified attorneys to be appointed as the city attorney. Responsibilities include providing legal guidance, reviewing and preparing legal documents for the city, representing the city in litigation, and more. Bids for this opportunity are due November 13.

The judicial branch of government may not be as glamorous as the presidency, but it is just as important. Legal work is in the business of following rules and being fair. Justice Barrett should be no exception to this standard as she takes her seat in the court.

About the Author

Grant Sarver is from Suwanee, Georgia. He is currently an undergraduate pursuing Bachelor’s degrees in International Affairs and Sociology at the University of Georgia with an expected graduation in May 2021. He is most interested in human rights and social equity and plans to work for an entity that helps fulfill people’s human rights.