GovReporter March 11, 2018

NAMC 49th Annual National Conference – Dallas, TX

Wednesday, June 13 – Friday, June 15, 2018
National Board Members Only: A.M. Board Meeting on Saturday, June 16

Location: Dallas/Plano Marriott, Legacy Town Center, 7121 Bishop Road, Plano, TX 7502 | (972) 473-6444

Exhibitor/Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Founded in Oakland, California in 1969 by Raymond Dones and Joseph Debro, NAMC is the oldest minority construction trade association in the United States with over 50 Hall of Fame members and Legacy Builders and an annual project capacity of over one billion dollars nationally. Through a network of local chapters and in collaboration with strategic and corporate partnerships, NAMC assists members with building capacity by providing access to opportunity, advocacy, and contractor development training.

The National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) has a strong foundational history that has established a great legacy for the organization. NAMC’s presence and voice in this industry is of even greater need today than ever before to continue the mission of providing Access (contract & resource opportunities), Advocacy (legislative impact), and Contractor Readiness (training, capacity building, and growth) for our members. The association strives to accomplish its goals in collaboration with major corporate partners, strategic alliances, and public agencies. The presence of NAMC today is a testament to its continuing legacy. The construction market is a relationship-driven industry. Business relationships must be developed; the strategies and approaches for pursuing, winning, and executing business is paramount. The future of NAMC lies in the enhancement of its Student Chapter Program as well as expanding our relationships with corporate partners to deliver the stated benefits of access, advocacy, and contractor readiness to our membership.

For more information about membership or scheduled events, contact:
Doreen Littlejohn
NAMC Program Director
T: (202) 296-1600

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