GovReporter March 12, 2018

The Board of Education of the Northwest R-1 School District (Jefferson County, Missouri) is asking voters on April 3, 2018 to borrow money in the amount of $14,500,000 for the purposes of acquiring, renovating, constructing, furnishing and equipping school sites, buildings and related facilities, including making buildings safer for students, repairing and replacing worn-out and leaking roofs, replacing old and out-of-date heating and cooling systems, and making other capital improvements to school buildings, facilities and grounds, and issue general obligation bonds.

The following projects are included in the question:

Safety and Security
Entry Vestibules (HSE, BWE, MES, NHS, MGE) $     225,000
Upgrades Camera and Audio Systems (WMS, HRE, CSE) $       30,000
Handicap Accessible Entryway and Addition of Front Desk Window (ECC) $       45,000
Add Corridor at VMS to connect the two largest instructional buildings $     400,000


New Construction/Renovation
WMS – Gym addition/remodel existing space/band room/classrooms/cafe $  5,231,000
CSE – Gym addition and remodel of existing space; addition of curricular space $  2,000,000
NHS – Renovate lecture hall seating; renovate the baseball and softball fields $  1,560,000
HSE – Develop the existing courtyard into useable space and bring to code $     250,000
HSE – Renovate the instructional space on the second floor $     400,000
ECC – Add shading to the playground $       55,000


CSE – Replace the HVAC system $  1,552,500
CSE – Replace the existing roof $     759,000
VMS – HVAC replacement $     385,000
VMS – Window replacement (Welcome Center/7th Grade building) $     328,440
MGE – Window replacement $     213,486
NHS – Replace the Lecture Hall Roof $     300,000
HRE – Addition of parking and rerouting traffic flow $     600,000


Total Working Budget $14,334,426

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