Grant Sarver July 22, 2020

If you’ve forgotten, summer also means it’s hurricane season. Recent headlines have overshadowed this year’s record-breaking season. Tropical Storm Gonzalo is the earliest “G” storm to form and the Washington Post says, “this year has already featured the earliest C, E and F storms on record — Cristobal, Edouard and Fay.” However, Gonzalo is expected to become the first hurricane of the season. The United States is no stranger to natural disasters; states and the federal government have been preparing and are still in need of assistance.

Florida, a hurricane’s favorite target, is requesting proposals for a contractor to provide disaster recovery operations in accordance with its Housing Repair and Replacement program. Over 21,000 homes owned by low to moderate income families were severely damaged by Hurricane Michael in 2018. The Department of Economic Opportunity, “expects the successful Respondent to conduct full spectrum recovery operations and to manage the repair, reconstruction, or replacement [of] approximately 6,743 damaged homes.” Bids for this opportunity are due August 3.


The North Carolina Department of Public Safety is seeking a contractor for disaster recovery and debris monitoring services. The bid will be for thirteen regional contracts for districts that encompass the entire state. Each district has its own specific needs and challenges for the awardee to handle at its request. The primary purpose of the bid is to, “provide a system for monitoring the removal of debris in the event of a disaster.” Bids for this opportunity are due August 10.

More pressing issues have kept our attention away from tropical weather. However, hurricanes don’t watch the new nor have mercy, so they’ll come anyway. Government contracts put in place make sure that we’re prepared for whatever they, quite literally, throw at us.

About the Author

Grant Sarver is from Suwanee, Georgia. He is currently an undergraduate pursuing Bachelor’s degrees in International Affairs and Sociology at the University of Georgia with an expected graduation in December 2020. He is most interested in human rights and social equality and plans to work for an entity that helps fulfill people’s human rights.