Jessica Davis July 23, 2020

The United Nations has taken up the mantle to fight the novel coronavirus head on. They have executed drastic policy changes and public health initiatives. COVID-19 has impacted over 190 countries. The UN is looking for innovative ways to address the hunger, economic recessions, and poverty caused by the coronavirus. 

In January of this year, UN committed 20 trillion dollars in funding to address concerns raised by member states. This funding serves as an official pledge for pandemic response. The United Nations Children’s Fund received over ten billion dollars in funding. UNICEF has the largest number of procured goods that will be directed to address hunger. Along with UNICEF, the World Health Organization and the UN Procurement Division received a significant portion of funding.

Majority of the procurement for these organizations included pharmaceuticals, contraceptives, and vaccines. The main priority of the United Nations is to discover a vaccine for COVID-19. In conduction to vaccine research, they plan to ensure that countries are medically equipped for the large number of cases. The UN has also provided funding for human rights issues. Currently, the UN has 546 open requests for proposals that are related to COVID-19. These requests include personal protective equipment for medical professionals. In addition, they are seeking psychological support for healthcare workers and volunteers as well as those personally affected by the virus. In total, there are over 100 opportunities for impact assessments and research.


About the Author

Jessica Davis is a student at The University of Georgia majoring in International Affairs and Political Science, graduating in May of 2021. Within her university community, she serves as a member of the Arch Society, University Judiciary and a Campus Tour Leader at the UGA Visitor’s Center. Jessica has worked with the Georgia Public Defender Council, the Partnership Against Domestic Violence, and the Women’s Public Leadership Network. She is from Riverdale, Georgia and her interests include criminal justice reform, international diplomacy, and environmental policy reform.